Our journey started when one of our AAU coaches ask for an advice on how to avoid losing expensive basketballs during the training class. We even use a marker pen to put a name on the ball since all these have similar colors and sizes. But, there were instances where too many balls also went missing and it is quite a huge investment to buy new sets of basketballs again.

So, our founder came up with an idea to customize these balls bearing the team’s signature color that matches their jersey uniforms. This includes customised color and basketball logo of AAU team as a means of advertising and promotion. Also, this imaginative idea may inspire a team to play better and harder and bring up the team spirit whenever they play for a tournament or just another warm-up ball training.

With the innovation as its driving factor,Dreamerball was born!

Our vision is a one stop shop for customised basketballs providing the following advantages to:

  • Great colorcustomised basketballsselection
  • Commitment to the Lowest Prices
  • Largest ColorSelections Available
  • Superior Quality Products with Frim Grip
  • Fast Delivery

You don’t have to dribble and experience a foul play just to visit few shops to get the best basketballs you want for your team. Pound up your adrenaline rush and take the time looking at our incredible sets of basketballs in our product catalogs.

Here at Dreamerball, we offer personalised basketballs for all ages, for sponsorship events or for your team. From printing to materials made of, we are putting in the effort so that you could find the best basketballs for you.

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